Hi, my name is Giulia Polticchia,
I’m a communication designer living in Berlin.

I’m a multifaceted designer, whether it's designing a logo, a brand identity, or marketing materials,I am passionate about creating visually stunning and effective designs that communicate a message and capture the attention of the audience.

Junior designer freelance
Creative Dock - Berlin
Sep.2023 / Ongoing collaboration
Realised posters and logos for innovation team, assisted in design of presentation decks

Graphic design marketing internship     Josefina Studio - Berlin
May.2023 / Sep.2023
Designed posters, flyers and various content for social media. Overseeing both print and digital publications.

Graphic design internship     Rixalto Group - Stabio, Switzerland
Sep.2021 / Feb.2022
Designed logos, icons, newsletters and other internal communication materials for the marketing agency.

Bachelor degree in Communication Design
University of Europe for applied science - Berlin Sep.2019 / Feb.2023
Graduated with 1.3 average (German grading system)

Let’s chat:
︎︎︎ giupolt@gmail.com
︎︎︎ designs_by_gp

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